Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Three for December 2011...>the last few knives of the year:)!

These three knives are very sweet...and perhaps the last knives I will complete for 2011.
Two are going to customers and the one large shallot knife (in the middle first image) is still available.

All are forged-to-shape from 1095 high carbon tool steel & exhibit wonderful differential quench-lines....though they do not show that well in the image.

From top to bottom: 

*Modern French Knife with a classic French knife shape and a 9.25" blade and exhibiting a new construction method I have been working with using the ironwood as a supportive" bolster to the kiln dried maple burl. This makes a very handsome handle.

*Next is a Jumbo Shallot Knife.
I expanded on the same design by forging the blade out of 3/16" material rather than the 1/8" material  originally designated for this knife design. The result is a wonderfully balanced and highly functional medium-size chef knife. This knife exhibits some wonderful banding in the quench-zones and Kingwood handle with detail carving.

*And finally a wonderful little Shallot Knife  exhibiting spalted desert ironwood handles with detail carving. You can click the link above to read more about how this knife was designed and came to be:)

I hope you enjoy the images:)