Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two Modern Puuko Knives

These are two of four Puuko-Style Knives that I created starting last year.

I wanted to create handle shapes that provided for some security and safety, looked sort of traditional, & felt great in the hand and were really functional.
On these I blended some of the octagonal-styling of the Japanese stick -tang chef knives I have been making into them.... The results were pretty least to me:)
....ALSO I wanted to strengthen them at the "choil-area" & had some old paper Micarta that I laminated to the woods & used an accent of the same material to cover the pin.

The top knife exhibits some ultra-kiln-baked Maple Burl and is 9 & 5/8" OAl with a 4 & 3/8" blade

The Bottom Knife exhibits some nice Lingum Vite and is 10 & 5/8" OAl with a 5 & 4/16" blade

Both blades are forged-to-shape out of 1065 carbon tool steel and exhibit differential heat treatments and satin finishes.
Each have a convex blade geometry and some nice distal taper for a added strength and balance.

Finally I had 3-rd generation Bladesmith Raymond Richard make these two fairly traditional Sheaths for each knife. I think he did a great job!

I hope you enjoy seeing these knives! I feel that they are quite different than what i normally create & it was a fun project:)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Few New Ones

After getting some new equipment for the shop I am finally getting back to finishing up some knives.

Up first are two sweet looking knives that almost look like they could be  set! The top knife is my Shallot Knife design, forged-to-shape out of 1095 carbon steel and is going to Jane of the 29 Palms Inn who bought me my anvil for a B-Day Present so many years ago!
The Classic French with the Hamon under the Shallot Knife is forged-to-shape out of 1084 and is going to the USN Gathering later in the year. I think it's one of the best chef knives I have made to date and features a sweet clay heat treatment using some of Aldo's 1084 from NJ Steel Baron and is dressed in African Blackwood (as is the Shallot Knife) with Lemonwood inlay and detail carving.

Then I have a sweet French Knife that is called "Pulsar". this blade shape represents some of the very early French knives that came out of the Wustof shops where the blade was a very triangular-shape. This one if forged-to-shape out of W2 and is dressed in Arizona Desert Ironwood with Ebonly inlay and detail carving.

I hope you enjoy the images of these new creations:)