Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Honesuki Knives , one in 1095 one in AEBL

Here are two of my version of the Japanese Boning knife called Honesuki.

I expanded on the traditional sized Honesuki (which normally have more like a 5-6" blade) as I felt it would make a great Kitchen EDC-user with tons of potential for that "one knife" in the kitchen.
So on top you see my forged version that is larger,
and on bottom is my very fist stock reduction knife in AEBL stainless.
I made this one for a buddy who has been hooking me up with some vintage Micarta Materials and we did a trade for some handle materials.

The interesting thing about sending off knives to be heat treated, is that, I have the few patterns I work with created for forged I had to adapt the pieces I sent off (I'll post more as I get them ground and finished)
So this bottom knife is more closely related to my original pre-form for forging, but I did add a bit more all the way around to make it a cool knife that to me is more closely related to the traditional Honesuki...but with a wider clip/tip.
I forgot to measure the AEBL piece before I sent it off to Ken,
but the top knife for is:

11 &7/8" OAL with a 7.25" blade that is nice and wide at the heel.
This one with some very nice African Blackwood and Desert Ironwood Inlay

The Knife in AEBL exhibits some ool Westinghouse Black-stripe Micarta and some rare Green Micarta inlay.

I hope you enjoy seeing these images.