Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Personal Damascus EDC Recurve

This stunning little knife began with a sketch I did after making my very First Damascus.
It was a real journey to make this knife starting at studio of Jerry Greenelsch, good friend and skilled forger and knifemaker. I included shots of the original sketch and billet, through the forged-to-shape blade , stock-reduction & heat treatment.
This knife looked so cool after heat treatment, the temper-cycles leaving a sweet golden tone on the blade, AND...
...the coolest part of experiencing Damascus for the first time in making my own was how the Nickel (that creates the pattern you see) actually was sticking-up like a relief-map after heat treatment. The hardened carbon steels contracted but the nickel did not! So Cool! I did not finish this knife for months since I loved how it looked after HT, but I finally had to finish it and etch it.

The billet was created out of 1084 and 15N20, a real classic material choice for toughness and edge retention.
The OAL of this little beauty is 9 & 1/8" with a 4 & 7/8" blade. The handle is some very rare Westinghouse White-Stripe Micarta, with Westinghouse White Lines Micarta inlay over a blind pin.
I had a beautiful Paul Long Sheath made for it as well.

I hope you enjoy the images of this fine little knife.

I have also included a shot of the Damascus Riflemans Wharny that I also created out of this same piece of Damascus....but you can read more about that knife, and see process images of the making of the Damascus in another post. >>> CLICK HERE:)

Damascus Rifleman's Wharny

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small French Knife and a Chef Set

This small French Knife is a very handy knife to have in the kitchen.
Forged-to-shape out 52100 Carbon Tool Steel it features a Blade that is 5 & 7/16" tip to heel with a generous handle for control at an OLA of 11.5"
The handle is African Blackwood with Apitome Inlay (the smaller inlay covering a blind pin) and detail carvings.
The knife feels wonderful in the hand and is sure to please! My Mom loves the one I made her & uses it everyday since she got it !

NEXT I have a great little Chef Set.
I have only made a few of these and unless someone orders one I do not plan on making any more like this on-spec.A unique set created for the student off to school who loves to cook and also for those with limited space for prep-work in smaller kitchens....or for those who just love smaller kitchen knives.

The Main Knife is Forged-to-shape out of 1084 Carbon Tool steel and loosely based on a santoku-style blade
and features a 5 & 7/8" blade that is nice and wide with plenty of room under the handle for hand/knuckle-clearance, OAL is 11.75".
The Paring Knife is 1095 with an OAL of 9.5" with a 4.5" Blade.

Both knives have a Black-on-Black handle treatment o African Blackwood with Wenge inlay each of which are nicely sculpted and contoured for comfort.

I hope you enjoy seeing these new creations.

As of this writing both sets are available for sale.