Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two more join the stream of life <:) <:)

Two more Happy Fish Knives are born !!!<:) <:)
...their tails grow darker as they grow up to be big fish.

Happy Camp and Happy Utility.

First time for me placing a lanyard hole on any knife ever.

Enjoy the images!


p.s. If you missed the initial post telling the story about how these came to be,
Please go HERE and read more about the Happy Fish Knives:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Special Ladies French Knives in 52100

Fresh off the bench are these two beauties. >>> Special Ladies French Knives...for the special lady of the house.  But guys can use them too!

Forged-to-shape out of 52100 these two really are light and quick in the hand with exceptional balance and ergonomics.
Handles like this are not just blazed-out on a machine, but are carefully sculpted by hand over the course of a few days ti'll they are just right.
This handle shape was an adaptation of the Shallot Knife handle that was originally designed for a full tang knife.
It translates to a stick tang well but the fit take care and attention.
I chose to incorporate a Machi, that little notch above the choil-area you see on many Japanese knives, and I generally butt it right to the handle and registered into the wood too.
.....sort of my adaptation of this style, resulting in better balance & energy transition from handle to blade

OAL on these are 13" and 12.75" with blades that are 8" and 7.75" respectively.

African Blackwood or (Grenadilla) that is of a very high quality. I found a nice source of reject blanks from Clarinet Makers...which I love since I play clarinet:)
The top knife has an inlay of a wood called Apitome that is super chatoyant, the bottom with Lemonwood inlay, each knife with detail carving.

I hope you enjoy seeing the images of these two new Special Ladies!