Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ears On Art interview June 8th 2011 on KCBX public Radio SLO

An interview I did recently for Ears On art that aired on KCBX public radio. Hosted Steven Deluque and Crissa Hewitt, we had a great time talking about knifemaking in my studio.
I hope you all enjoy listening to it.
In the images above: A shot of me in my studio and a picture of my mentor Tai Goo and I in 2011.

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Thanks and Enjoy:)

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camp Knife Under Way :)

My tag-line reads "Hand made knives for kitchen and camping". After focusing on chef knives for the past few weeks I was compelled to make a camp knife.

There have been many visitors to my booth at shows and ask: What IS a Camp Knife For?
It is a great questions, and there as many different uses and styles of so-called camp-knives as there are campers and styles of camping. Anything from a Swiss Army folding knife to a big chopper can be a camp knife:)

To me, traditionally a camp knife is a large knife that is able do a variety of camping chores, such as: chop and split wood, cut rope, prepare food, and even defend the camper if need be. Then we go into variations on these above basics as the knife can become a useful tool for creating an emergency shelter, cleaning game, clearing a path etc...... and I'm sure there is more, all it takes is your adventuresome spirit and imagination.

So this is a new style camp knife for me. I call it a Camp-Kuri. The original intention was to forge a leaf-shaped blade, with the knives of traditional cultures such as Nepal and Thailand in mind. Whether it be the Kukri/ Khukuri knives of Nepal or the E-nep knives of Thailand there is just an attraction to the beauty of these knives that have been created for centuries, these "cultural knives" being powerful protectors and efficient workers at the same time.

My version is forged to shape from 1065 carbon steel. It features a 9" blade and is 15.5" OAL. I hope you enjoy some of the images.
This first image is of the Camp-Kuri freshly forged and posed with a small chef knife that was eventually paired with a sweet little utility/paring knife, created as a set for the young chef or college student.

Next is a shot after the stock reduction via draw-filing and hand sanding was completed. The knife is ready for heat treatment along with a Happy Fish Camp Knife.

Here the knife has been hand sanded to a satin finish and is ready for the handle material to be cur out then fit to the tang. I have some cool plans for the handle on this one that will involve some exhibition grade desert ironwood and ebony inlay with some carving to boot!

Next are some of the detail shots of the process and parts for inlay that will be going into the handle on this camper. So far so good!

There are still some final touches to do but for the most part the knife is done. I will be making an enclosed wooden scabbard for this one, but for now I will enjoy a job well done. I think this is my most favorite knife made to date. I hope you enjoy the images:)