Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ears On Art interview June 8th 2011 on KCBX public Radio SLO

An interview I did recently for Ears On art that aired on KCBX public radio. Hosted Steven Deluque and Crissa Hewitt, we had a great time talking about knifemaking in my studio.
I hope you all enjoy listening to it.
In the images above: A shot of me in my studio and a picture of my mentor Tai Goo and I in 2011.

The programs are stored in MP3 format, so they can be played on your computer using programs like Quicktime, RealPlayer or Microsoft Media Player; or they can be loaded into an iPod or similar MP3 player. A half-hour program typically downloads in about two minutes over a broadband connection. 

Thanks and Enjoy:)

Direct archive link to the interview: 

Link to the KCBX Archives page:

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