Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Different for Me...a work in process

My First Tanto. Well that's what I was shooting for, it's a bit Tanto-esque I suppose.

Perhaps more of an integral Bush Knife....but whatever, now the challenge to give it a suitable handle and details.

Enjoy the Shot.


p.s. forged from some of Don Hansons .75" Round diminished to around .40" & upset. The Blade is 5.5".

p.s.s I will follow-up with more images and information as this one proceeds.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Two New Chef Knives

Both of these were made for fact the small Gyuto is for my neighbor living directly across the street from me. I made it extra special with the handle construction & details since they have been so kind in putting up with all the years of stone carving and now forging.
The Small Kitchen Utility is for a local who let my sweetheart keep her horses on his property for a number of months.

Both knives were bought by the husbands as presents for the wives in the family.

The Small Gyuto is forge to shape from .125" 1095 and has a light etch to show the temper lines. It is 11.50" OAL qith a 6.5" blade. Very light, very quick and strong. The handle is a new style for me and is curly maple with ironwood burl bolster and inlay.

The Kitchen utility is 10" OAl with a 5" Blade of 1095 with a satin finish. The Handle is detail-carved African Ebony with Lemonwood inlay.

I hope you enjoy the image.