Sunday, February 19, 2012

GonAlves Camp Knife with beautiful Hamon

Recently finished is this wonderful Camp Knife Tat I am calling "GonAlves Camp."

Forged out of some of Aldo's .140" X 2" 1095 and featuring some contrasting finishes with the rustic file-finished details high on the bevels and the fine Gunome Hamon below.

OAL is 15" with a 9.5: blade that is 2&3/16" wide. This knife features some very nice Goncalo Alves Wood handles with detail carvings and peened bronze pins.
This is one of the very few knives I have ever made with no tapered really did not need it & the feel and balance it just right as a result of keeping it all there.

This thing feels like a totally wicked chopper/cutter despite it's straight-forward camp-styling.

Posted is an extra detail image of the Hamon showing more clearly where the primary and secondary clay coatings were layed-down prior to quench.
All of this "registered" onto the blade on a molecular-level and is something I have been playing around with lately. Certainly not an exact science, but I am trying some different things with it.


Thanks for looking.  -DON:)