Friday, March 16, 2012

Compact Chef Knives March 2012

I just finished up a few new ones!

The top two are different versions of my Shallot Knife design. The top one is a custom handled Jumbo Shallot forged out of some 3/16"-thick 1095 for a local chef here in California.
The bottom one is the original size Shallot Knife forged out of some .125" 1095.
Both have nice rainbow quench & some detail carving on the handles. The top knife in desert ironwood the bottom in African blackwood.

The next knife is one I made for Jerome' (Torpen on the USN) He is a maker of very high-quality folding knives & lives in French Brittany.
I am calling it a "Petite' Gyuto"'s that for a cross-cultural knife!

It has some sweet desert ironwood and some art-deco-ish carvings on the handle.
This little knife feels really wonderful in the hand and I hope his wife likes it lots! The blade steel on this one is 1080 with satin finish.

Enjoy the images.


Something A Little Different *Whittling Knives*

I was asked by Brian aka> bbbowers here on the USN to make some whittling knives for he and his wife.

After spending some time around the Traditional Knives forum I think I was influenced by some of the blade shapes I saw over there & got around to forging these little blades out.
For sure they are the smallest blades I have made to date at like 2-3". Both are satin finished 1095 fully hardened and wickedly sharp!

I just shipped them out to him after making two very simple leather sheaths for them.
My normal trademark slip sheaths would not do, they really needed leather to be safe and more easily taken long to the camp or wherever.

Enjoy the images.