Friday, March 16, 2012

Compact Chef Knives March 2012

I just finished up a few new ones!

The top two are different versions of my Shallot Knife design. The top one is a custom handled Jumbo Shallot forged out of some 3/16"-thick 1095 for a local chef here in California.
The bottom one is the original size Shallot Knife forged out of some .125" 1095.
Both have nice rainbow quench & some detail carving on the handles. The top knife in desert ironwood the bottom in African blackwood.

The next knife is one I made for Jerome' (Torpen on the USN) He is a maker of very high-quality folding knives & lives in French Brittany.
I am calling it a "Petite' Gyuto"'s that for a cross-cultural knife!

It has some sweet desert ironwood and some art-deco-ish carvings on the handle.
This little knife feels really wonderful in the hand and I hope his wife likes it lots! The blade steel on this one is 1080 with satin finish.

Enjoy the images.


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