Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last Few for 2012

It has been a really BIG YEAR for me! In many ways both professionally and personally.

I am finalizing the works on a few knives then I hope to rest in the final weeks of 2012, regroup my energies, and plan out my next year.

So I thought I would post a few process shots of some knives I am making for customers.

On the top is an integral slicer. This is one of the more complex knives I have made to date as it features a rear integral bolster. This is the first time I have done on eof these and I think it is coming along nicely.

The other two knives are versions of my compact camp knife. I hope you enjoy seeing a few process shots. I'll have more to post soon:)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Tiber Canyon Ranch Holiday Craft Fair's time again for the:

I invite you to come out and visit the ranch from 11Am-5PM on the weekends of: 
November 17th &18th and November 24th &25th

There will be amazing glass blowing demonstrations and glass art available plus many other artists selling their works including ceramics jewelery textiles & much more!!! 
Including culinary foodstuffs... Chaparral Gardens Vinegars and Tiber Canon Ranch's famous olive oil!

Fortunately and unfortunately I sold this entire group of knives just before the show! 
The good news, the sale of this group of knives will get me much closer to making the purchase of a new piece of equipment that will aid me in creating these fine knives.
My sincere apology to all of you attending the Tiber Event for not having these! 
I do however have  a set up & will have a small selection of knives for sale.

I will have a list for you to sign-up for guaranteed delivery of a custom knife for your gift needs at the 2013 Tiber Canyon Ranch Holiday Craft Fair. 
Please stop by my booth to talk about the details & order a knife for next years event.

See you there:) -DON:)


The blades just after Heat treatment:
 The Blades getting handles assigned and
the tangs of the blades were tapered and refined for final fit:

Below, the blades are pre-fit to the handles and the handles are shaped.
Now it's time for the final blade finishes, some detail sanding to the handles & then
mounting of the blades to the handles. Then on to creating a trademark slip-sheath
for each knife and final sharpening.