Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Custom Veggie Cleaver

I just finished this wonderful Veggie Cleaver for a local chef.

I was pleased to meet John and even more excited that he wanted me to make him a custom knife.
It came out really amazing.

After creating the final sharpening I firmly believe that this is the sharpest knife I have ever made!
When I got it all finished-up & gently placed it in the storage drawer (awaiting the slip-sheath to be made for it tomorrow) I walked out the studio thinking to myself, "that knife is beyond-Sharp" if that is at all possible.

Anyhow. I was pleased and I hope Chef John Blevins will be as well.


Forged to shape out of Aldo's .140-thick 1095 that was 2" wide.
I cut some off before forging it since John wanted it to be 2.25" wide.
The blade is 6.25" and exactly 2.25" wide. OAL is 11"
The handle is some nice African Blackwood & is shaped quite differently than I would normally do as John has a unique grip unlike anyone else with two fingers on each hand & employes a chef knife amazingly well & so I know this will fit him well.

Rainbow quench with tiger-stripes running perpendicular to the primary quench lines = AWESOME in my book.

John just said he wanted something special in the way of blade-finish & I think I did it for him.

Enjoy the images



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