Friday, May 11, 2012

Integral Gentleman's Knife,...a thin one :)

Well....I thought it was pretty thin anyhow.

I have forged integral knives out of all sorts of stuff, but this was the first time making a knife out of a piece of snow-plow-blade!

It was given to me years ago and said to be amazing steel.
I did lots of testing on it which revealed it to have some great knifemaking potential.
When I first tried to forge a piece 6-years ago, back then it felt wickedly-stiff under the hammer I never really did anything with it; I could hardly get it to move!

Fast forward to now having more experience and better hammer control & I finally got down to it.

It feels good to be getting back into making integral knives and these full tang integrals are among the more challenging to do. The only thing more difficult is to add in a rear integral bolster.

This one is 12.25" OAl with a 6" of cutting edge.
Knife exhibits some very nice Ebony wood handles & three peened bronze pins, the third of which is a "blind pin" and is hidden under the Lemon-wood inlay.

I hope you enjoy the images.



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