Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Guppy Fish Knife :)> *A Golden One*

....this on just joined the stream of life & already narrowly escaped being eaten!
...I know, silly, but as I found this antique Japanese fabric to shoot this newly created Happy Guppy Fish Knife on,
I laughed at the fact that these birds as depicted and hand-woven into this cloth actually love to eat all sorts of critter, snakes...and yes even little little guppy fish!

This one is going to Mark1952. He has the larger Happy Fish Camp Knife & decided to expand his fish family.

Forged-to-shape out of 1095 and scale textured & hand carved. The blade was differentially heat treated and features a tapered tang, polished bevels and razor edge.
I think Marks choice for the golden desert ironwood was a great one & I love how the wood transitions to darker portion as it blends to the forged-scale-textures.

OAL is 7" with a blade that is just shy of 3.75"

I hope you enjoy the images of this little golden Cutie.



  1. Oh that's very nice . i like this knife.what is the price of this knife.



  2. Thanks for your kind comment about the Happy Guppy Fish Knife. I can make a similar knife for $485. This one already joined the stream of life:)