Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stick Tang Honesuki

I have been playing around with my versions on Japanese classic chef knife patterns.
A Honesuki is a Japanese boning knife for those who do not know and normally have only about a 5-6" blade that is fairly stiff. Most Honesuki you see are full tang construction knives more often than not.

My version is of the stick-tang construction with the Machi butted right up to the handle & is larger at 7" of cutting edge and 12.5" OAL.
This Honesuki features an ultra thin blade suitable for all sorts of veggie prep...and no doubt this baby will still bone-out a variety meats no problem at all.
The blade is forged to shape out of some of Aldo's 1095 and features a differential heat treatment.

This is the first chef knife I have used some of this ultra high-grade mesquite wood with the fine frog's-hair curl to it. There are like 18-20 tight curls per inch on this piece I scored!
Mesquite is perhaps one of the most stable woods on the planet so I think perfect for chef knives.
Mesquite is a bit lighter than I would normally like, but since this blade is exceedingly thin it worked perfectly on this knife and the resulting balance is dreamy.
The handle also features Bloodwood accents the smaller of which hides conceals the pin. I thought about doing some carving but felt the wood just too beautiful to do more to.

I hope you enjoy the images.


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