Friday, May 11, 2012

Gentleman's Tanto dressed in antique linen Micarta & Nichols Damascus

This represents two firsts for me.

#1 the first knife I have finished out of Damascus steel. This is Chad Nichols High Layer Twist of 1095 & 15N20.

#2 the first knife I have ever made using man made handle materials.
This with some nice old Westinghouse Antique Linen Micarta with black inlay of some material that was sent to me that they make pool-cues with...I forget exactly what it is.....basically a plastic I think.

Thanks to my Mentor Tai Goo for the blade-shape inspiration.
Thanks to Nick Rossi for helping me out on some process questions I had.
Thanks to Chad for the sweet piece of Damascus.

OAL on this sweet little-nasty is a hair over 9.5" with a 5.25" blade that is 1.50" wide.
The knife feels really sweet in the hand and I think is a very cool and useful blade-style. I have some integral versions of this one that will appear at G4 on my table this year.

The tanto still needs the final sharpening. I plan to have the bevel at the front-cutting-edge to a high polished state after that is done.

Now for the images. I hope you all enjoy them.


This is the second piece of Chads Damascus I have forged from a single bar I bought from him at G3.
.....AND to illustrate why I love forging all my knives, I have included this shot of this knife next to the first blade still waiting to be finished.
Each of these was forged from essentially the same size piece of material.
The bar in the second shot shows the top portion used to make both of these knives.

IF you take a close look at the two blades below you will see that on the slicing knife the twist pattern got drawn-out as I forged-in the distal taper,
...and on the little tanto I did the exact opposite, in that, I had to upset the bar to get that width to make this shape, thus compressing the ladder pattern together even more tightly.

I thought that was pretty cool & certainly shows some of the neat stuff that happens when forging a piece of pattern welded steel to shape.

 And finally, going backwards in time to my original concept sketch with a shot of the blade just off the anvil. Thanks for looking:)

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