Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Non-Ferrous Studio is Born

I took a trip out to visit Tai a few months ago and we worked primarily on non-ferrous techniques. Much of this is what jewelers do on a regular basis, much if it most knifemakers do not do on a regular basis.

My background as a sculptor who cast bronze sculptures for 16-years has just been aching to get into this part of my knifemaking practice. After my return trip from visiting Tai, I procrastinated on building a non-ferrous studio space. I needed a table and all the little tools that essentially added up to making a whole new studio aside from my bladesmithing space.

Ultimately I kept it simple and I'm glad I did. A friend was giving away this all steel office table that so far is working really well, and I bought a small torch and a few tools to do the job. The next big purchase will be a rolling mill, as this is essential to making sheet and mokume-gane' and reducing ingot for pulling to wire etc...

For now I leave you with a shot of my new studio space. A Shot of some goodies I made when I went out to visit Tai, cuddle-bone casting, retiuculated silver quarter and a piece of (non mokume-gane') mokume. And an in-process shot of a sliver and copper "cable-mokume" ferrule for an integral knife I just finished up.
This is my first project in my new studio You can see the finished knife in the above post along with another new integral I just finished for a customer.


Enjoy the shots.

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