Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Main Chef Knife in 1095

I have been enjoying making full size chef knives at the beginning of this year. Creating a more dramatic distal taper was something I wanted to experiment with more. I realized that starting with thicker stock was one of the things that this would require. So I moved into some 3/16" thick material to create this knife.

The weight is more on-par with what a main working knife in a commercial kitchen would and possibly "should" feel like. I say 'possibly' because Chef knives are individual to the user & everybody has their likes and dislikes.
Ultimately this is my rendition of a classic European Style Chef Knife. Knives like this are weighted to make hours of food prep not as exhausting to ligaments and tendons. Light knives feel great when you first pick them up, but if hours of chopping and detailed preparation are what a knife is needed for, having a bit more weight in the blade is essential. This still remains very nimble at the tip and in the hand, with one tons of character and feels like the type of knife any skilled chef would for sure enjoy using.

The blade is just shy of a 9-inches, plenty wide to get the job done and is 13.75" OAL. It exhibits some nice desert Ironwood handles with carved texture and domed bronze pins.

I hope you enjoy the images.

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