Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two New Integral Knives

I am excited about these two knives! One is for a customer and the other I made for fun. The top knife is a style and size I have been thinking about for some time. It reminds me of the Gents Knives That Don Fogg was making some time back. This knife also represents a new beginning for me in the realms of making my own non-ferrous furniture on my knives.

I took a trip out to visit my mentor Tai Goo a few months ago and we went through a whole aray of basic to advanced jewelery making processes. Many of these processes can be applied as aspects of the knife handle details and constructions. It was great to visit my mentor and friend Tai Goo and we had a blast. I finally got the time and a table to start practicing! Please visit the previous post to see my simple and new studio space for doing non-ferrous work.


As for the knives.....

Top knife: Forged from some Don Hanson W2 .75" round bar and drawn down to just over .50" square, a sweet integral with my first non-ferrous attribute, which is a piece of cable-mokume that is copper and silver. The knife is 11.75" OAl with a 5.75" blade. It has a nice golden desert ironwood handle, some of my favorite of what the ironwood has to offer color-wise.

Bottom knife: Forged out of the last piece of steel I had recycled from an antique automobile starting crank. I made a few integrals from this same crank a few years ago and they were all really cool & heat treated wonderfully. I think this one turned out sweet.
OAL it is 10.25" and the blade is 4.75" with carved ball ferrule and premium African Ebony.

I hope you all enjoy the images:

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