Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small French Knife and a Chef Set

This small French Knife is a very handy knife to have in the kitchen.
Forged-to-shape out 52100 Carbon Tool Steel it features a Blade that is 5 & 7/16" tip to heel with a generous handle for control at an OLA of 11.5"
The handle is African Blackwood with Apitome Inlay (the smaller inlay covering a blind pin) and detail carvings.
The knife feels wonderful in the hand and is sure to please! My Mom loves the one I made her & uses it everyday since she got it !

NEXT I have a great little Chef Set.
I have only made a few of these and unless someone orders one I do not plan on making any more like this on-spec.A unique set created for the student off to school who loves to cook and also for those with limited space for prep-work in smaller kitchens....or for those who just love smaller kitchen knives.

The Main Knife is Forged-to-shape out of 1084 Carbon Tool steel and loosely based on a santoku-style blade
and features a 5 & 7/8" blade that is nice and wide with plenty of room under the handle for hand/knuckle-clearance, OAL is 11.75".
The Paring Knife is 1095 with an OAL of 9.5" with a 4.5" Blade.

Both knives have a Black-on-Black handle treatment o African Blackwood with Wenge inlay each of which are nicely sculpted and contoured for comfort.

I hope you enjoy seeing these new creations.

As of this writing both sets are available for sale.

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