Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lightweight French Knife

This is one of the thinnest blades I have created to date....and with a very fine distal taper down to a whisper at the tip!
Forged-to-shape out of 1095 and featuring a differential heat treatment creating a blade with a soft supportive spine to the hard cutting edge.

OAL is 14 & 1/8" and the blade is 8.75" tip to heel.

The knife exhibits some very beautiful walnut with structural cocobolo ferrule (creating a mortised construction that is very strong) and cocobolo inlay .
This knife for it's size is very light and quick in the hand; pure-joy for the vegetarian chef or for any one who likes fine chef knives.
This knife will excel in creating wafer-thin cutlets be it meat or veggies and will chiffonade your herbs or greens with ease.
With a bit of blade-weight when held purely at the handle and the balance right at the pinch, just before the handle, this one is made to perform.

I hope you enjoy seeing the images of this fine knife.


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