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Tiber Canyon Ranch April 27-28 2013 from 12noon >5P......

Tomato Fandango and Spring Food Festival

 I invite you to come out and have a great time! Below are some more details about this years event and also some images of the knives I will have on display and for sale.

Tiber Canyon Logo

Tomato Fandango


Spring Food Festival

  April 27 and 28 

Noon to 5:00 pm


(click on each vendor name to go to their web site) 

The release of our 2013 olive oils:
Extra Virgin, Meyer Lemon,
Mandarin Tangerine and Yuzu Olive Oils 

Artisan Flavored Vinegars

Gourmet Frozen Pops

Tomato and Vegetable Plants

Perennial Plants, Herbs, Spices and Gifts

 Handcrafted Herbals and Heirloom Scents

Vermicompost, Compost Tea, Worms   

 Hand-forged custom knives

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate 

Spice Blends and Gourmet Salts

Fine art paintings of food and the world around us

And last but not least!!!
will be here with their
beautiful wood-fired pizza oven  
(built for them by Will) 
making fabulous pizzas 

We'll also have some   
Culinary Demos  
throughout the weekend
Once again, the delightful folks at Growing Grounds Farm in Santa Maria and Growing Grounds Downtown in SLO will be selling plants galore. Both are amazing programs of Transitions-Mental Health Association. They will be here selling over 30 varieties of beautiful tomatoes along with an abundance of other veggie starts and ornamental plants for your garden.

If you can't make it to the Fandango but want to buy plants, they are available at Rutiz Family Farms in Arroyo Grande (check for days and times they're open) and at the Growing Grounds Downtown store at 956 Chorro in San Luis Obispo.  




Do the Tomato Fandango!!!     
Tammy Tomato

We hope that you will come out  
to the ranch  
and spend the afternoon  
with all of us.   

Tell your friends! 

On-Line Olive Oil Ordering

 If you live far away and can't make it out to the ranch, you can still purchase our olive oil by ordering on line at our web site.

Save $$
photo of bottle

Bring back your Tiber Canyon bottles for us to refill and receive a $2 discount.

Don't use soap to clean your bottles -- it could make your oil taste like the scent in the soap.

Our customer Gaye Peltzman passed along this great way to clean your bottles.

Fill the bottle half full with very hot water and shake vigorously to loosen as much oil as you can. Pour that water out. Add two tablespoons of plain yogurt to enough hot water to fill bottle half way and pour that mixture into the bottle. Shake. Fill the bottle up the rest of the way with hot water and let the water/yogurt mix sit for a few minutes. Empty and then rinse well. Your bottle should be free of oil. Drain out all of the water before refilling with oil.

If you can't make it to the open house, call us any time to come by for a refill. 781-0827

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Sponsored by  
 Health Association  

Learn more about their programs and services and the good work they do in our community on their web site: 

Will Carlton and Chris Anderson
Tiber Canyon Ranch
280 W. Ormonde Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 781-0827

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