Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two Modern Puuko Knives

These are two of four Puuko-Style Knives that I created starting last year.

I wanted to create handle shapes that provided for some security and safety, looked sort of traditional, & felt great in the hand and were really functional.
On these I blended some of the octagonal-styling of the Japanese stick -tang chef knives I have been making into them.... The results were pretty least to me:)
....ALSO I wanted to strengthen them at the "choil-area" & had some old paper Micarta that I laminated to the woods & used an accent of the same material to cover the pin.

The top knife exhibits some ultra-kiln-baked Maple Burl and is 9 & 5/8" OAl with a 4 & 3/8" blade

The Bottom Knife exhibits some nice Lingum Vite and is 10 & 5/8" OAl with a 5 & 4/16" blade

Both blades are forged-to-shape out of 1065 carbon tool steel and exhibit differential heat treatments and satin finishes.
Each have a convex blade geometry and some nice distal taper for a added strength and balance.

Finally I had 3-rd generation Bladesmith Raymond Richard make these two fairly traditional Sheaths for each knife. I think he did a great job!

I hope you enjoy seeing these knives! I feel that they are quite different than what i normally create & it was a fun project:)


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