Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coffin-Handled Damascus Rifleman's Wharny

Yeah... It's a big name!...but that is what it is! 

This is my first knife out of my own Damascus and it's big, bad & really nasty.

I had a blast making it & think it's really different for me....but I have been dreaming-up some more rustic ideas & thinking I may try doing some different stuff in 2013.
OAL is 14.25 with a 9" blade. Forged to shape out of 120-layer twist Damascus comprised of 1084 and 15N20.

Featuring some nice African Blackwood that has 12-structural pins & 32-escutchion pins set into large checkered-quilts. I have always liked the contrasting blade finishes so I did the forged texture revealing the Damascus at the bevels and long swedge only.

This knife balances just in front of the handle scales, is no light-weight as you can see from the spine-shots & feels like pure-business in the hand.

Thanks for looking. Please excuse the various images.
Light conditions have not been ideal for shooting this time of year....gonn'a build a light box in 2013!


Enjoy!  -DON:)






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