Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tribal Utility/Chef Knives

Well I cam calling them "Tribal" since I did the wrapping on the handle, but honestly, they are quite refined little utility/chef knives!...and actually not all that little either.

Also there is a twist here too, as these are not forged but are stock removal blades. I endeavored to see what a clay heat treatment would look like on a non-forged blade that then, I would do all the stock reduction post heat treatment. I like the results and believe I will make more like this very soon! BUT, Honestly, I have to say that taking the forging out of the equation, did not really save that much time as I thought it might. However......

The results show for themselves. I think they came out really beautiful and highly functional too.
And I am able to achieve a higher Rockwell on them with this process.
These running up at 59-60RC. The blades on all of these are 1095 high carbon tool steel.

These first two are dressed in African Blackwood with Arkansas Chittam inlay and rosin impregnated woven cotton line that has been registered into the handle and tinted to match the inlay. Chittiam is a very rare wood that has an amazing amount of chatoyancy to it.

These knives are (like I said) not so little after-all, ranging from blades that are 5 & 1/8" to 5.25" with Overal Lengths at 10.5" and 10.75".

AND....Last but not least, is the first one of these I made.
Dressed in Bloodwood with Tulip Wood inlay and ronsin impregnated wrapping,
it is slightly smaller at 4.75" and 10.25" OAL. And also, quite pretty:)
 I hope you enjoy seeing these beauties.


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  1. Super fine work, Don! Great design and finish. I like the handle wrap and the hamon lines too. I'm no fan of stock reduction, but those are superb knives nonetheless.