Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two Beautiful Paring Knives

Here are two wonderful heirloom-quality Paring knives!

Each of these  knives have very fine blades, just perfect for the task at hand in the kitchen, be it detail decorative cuts, or general utility where a fine point and a slightly larger than a traditional paring knife size tool is needed.

The Top knife is  9.5" Overall Length and sports a 4 & 3/16" Blade

The Bottom Knife is 9.5" Overall Length and sports a 4 & 1/8" blade

Both knives feature blades with differential heat treatment using clay, etched and polished surface revealing a nice hamon, and are created out of 1095 high carbon tool steel. Each blades is hafted to a fine African Blackwood Handle with antique micarta inlay and mosaic pin.

I hope you enjoy seeing these two new creations. Each is currently available as of this post.
See on my website for pricing and shipping information:

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