Monday, February 15, 2016

Three for February 2016

Greetings Everybody,

Getting into the flow again, getting some knives done & shipped out to customers.

The top Camp/Kitchen FTTU is for a new member to the USN.
This one is CPM154 with rustic flats and Stabilized & Dyed Maple with Antique Ivory Inlay and some grippy carving right where it counts.

Joey came by the studio with his lovely wife Charmaine, to surprise her & buy her a knife....pretty risky to say the least, as she had no idea why they were stopping-by.
She looked at knives, and as wife's cas at times feel..... why spend the $...
......mostly because she did not see what she wanted, but liked different parts of different knives.

THEN, the reality of custom-made came in, and she asked:
"Can you make that knife, like this, with a purple handle on it?".... I said "It would be my pleasure."

AND Ultimately....

The best part was, meeting them both and feeling like they are family pretty-much within the first few moments of getting to know one another.

Again, the USN unites like-minded souls, around knives, friendship and life!

Next is a sweet version of my Classic European French Knife, the first on in CPM154.
Exhibiting Antique Ivory Micarta handles with Rare Westinghouse Blue Inlay and detail carving.
this one going out to s customer for his brother...I think.......oddly enough, someone with the same nickname as I had in high school.....
.......just try dragging that one out of me....'ll take plenty of Cove Drinks at The Gathering to do that!

AND last but totally not least,
is one of my Personal Chef Models, with a slightly shorter blade by about .25"
Simply a Very cool knife, and Now Available on CCK Website.

This too, is the first of the Personal Chef models to be offered in CPM154,
and the special-part is that:
* This one is dressed in some very rare, and seldom seen Burgundy and Ivory Westinghouse Micarta.
With peened Bronze Pins and unique Mosiac pin over a blind pin, this knife just feels so totally amazing in the hand,
it's sure to be someones new most favorite kitchen knife for daily cooking!
OAl is just under 12" with a 6.75" blade.

I hope you enjoy the images



  1. Beautiful Don
    What are the handle materials on the purple and yellow scales?

  2. Beautiful Don
    What are the handle materials on the purple and yellow scales?