Monday, April 4, 2016

Introducing The Utility Chef

The Utility Chef is an expanded version of a knife I designed for a client a few years ago. 
I liked the blade style and pattern, and thought it would be a cool daily use knife with a wider blade to create knuckle clearance over the cutting board.

   In a style very much akin to the Japanese boning knife called Honesuki, It certainly has some of that flair, with it's narrow tip and wide heel. My version of this style of knife is a bit lighter and has a thinner blade that a traditional Honesuki.

   The one with the Green and Black motif is a single bevel blade, the first of which I have ever created, and I think it will be a fantastic performer for the right handed chef/cook.
   The one in the Mango wood with the Blackwood inlay is more traditional in terms if what this model has to offer. Seemingly simple, but with a clean and sweet look, this one is a perfect example of this model.
These are both a fantastic size for daily use at 12-12.5" OAL with blades that are 6.75" to the front of the handle. The Utility chef blade is 1 & 5/8" wide compared to the 1 & 3/8" width of the normal utility of this same blade style.

The Utility Chef can come with the Tribal Wrap or not. I prefer them with the tribal wrap because they not only look amazing, but have that grip right where you want it.....but for those who prefer a cleaner look, they can come with a more simple handle as seen below in the one with the Mango wood handle.

All of the Utility Chef Knives featured below are created in stock reduction 52100 carbon tool steel blades, heat treated to RC 59-60 and have been triple tempered with cryogenic treatment for optimal performances. Each of them also feature a forced patina-mustard finish; this helps protect the blade from highly acidic foods at the outset of using the knife, and also looks great on this model.

  I hope you enjoy seeing these two and expect to be seeing more of them in the near future.

Blessings of Health and Goodness to You All


Below are a few examples of recent work. 
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