Sunday, February 6, 2011

I really do love forging blades

So what is so different about the forged blade? >>> Heat and Hammers!

Often I will work out several designs in the forged state to see what I like. And then moving into the finishing process of descaling, filing, thermal cycles, more filing, and then sanding and on to heat treatment. Then creating a handle, doing some carving on the wood and possibly even a sheath for certain knives.

The look of a knife after being forged is something to behold. The blade at this stage has taken shape; and is much what the knife will look like when finished but still with the scale from from forging. Borne out of fire and sweat,....... to me they just look so darn cool.
It is a great time to rest and reflect on how to proceed. Making plans about edge geometry, and the various types of finish that will eventually take place.

A Job Well Done.......
Below are a few freshly forged blades in various styles that I have done so far in 2011. It is already an exciting year and I am planning to do different things along with refining and creating new chef and camp knife designs.

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