Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Classic Chef Knives

What can I say! I am so very excited about both of these new chef knife designs I have produced.

I intended to create two very classic style French chef knives. I feel very positive about how each of these turned out. The knife with the dark Desert Ironwood Handles features a new handle style for me and a classic triangular style blade reminiscent of the knives produced by Wustof once upon a time. The second knife is a very traditional French Knife Shape and exhibits a traditional style handle that can be seen on American and European cutlery of the past and perhaps even present. Each knife feels quite comfortable in the hand. Both are light and quick, and yet heavy enough to function as a main knife in a commercial or home kitchen. 

Both of these blades are hand forged from 1080+ High Carbon Tool Steel with a radiused and polished spine and satin finish. The overall length is 12 & 15/16" and the blade is 8.25" long; one with very tight-grained dark desert ironwood with detailed grooves for control. The second exhibits some rare and beautiful spalted desert ironwood. This was the first time I had ever used spalted wood and it is truly beautiful to behold. The link above will describe what spalted wood is in detail. I was unable to find any information specifically about spalted desert ironwood.

I sincerely hope you enjoy seeing these new knives. I plan to make more like these...of course all will have a presence and feel all their own:)

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