Sunday, July 29, 2012

One for a buddy. >>> One for G4

Well it's just a quick shot of the two.

The top Shallot Knife is for a very good friend of mine that I consider to be my brother.
We lived in the same home and cooked 100's of meals together for over 7-years; he is an amazing chef and person.
He now lives in Los Angeles and had ordered a knife from me, so this one will be going off to him tomorrow.

The bottom is a Camp-Chef-Fighter.
I did one similar to this sometime back and had another blade forged and hanging around the studio begging to be finished.
Part of my flow on the road to G4 was a promise to myself to clear my bench of older projects first..
....not sure that was the best idea, but I feel like I am getting organized & less cluttered in the shop of older ideas.....still...., I have always liked this design & is a sweet knife that can certainly take care of business!
I hope you enjoy the image.

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