Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Few New Ones out of the Studio

I hope you enjoy the image of my latest work.


The center slicer was the last order I had to complete before I could totally dedicate all my time to knives for G4 and the California Custom Knife Show in So. Cal.

I think it is one of the most beautiful knives I have made to date and represents some of the first of Aldo's W2 bar stock I have worked with so far. I hope my customer will be happy with it!

Top to bottom:
Little Camp Cleaver, forged to shape 1065 African Blackwood with Lemonwood inlay & rosin impregnated woven cotton wrapping.

Slicer, forged to shape W2 with nice no-clay hamon & composite handle of Mesquite and rosewood with matching inlay.

Integral Utility Hunter, forged to shape Don Hanson's .75" W2 round bar, featuring some nice desert ironwood with detail caving and ebony inlay.

 Another shot of the slicer.
This also represents the first time I adapted a handle style designed for a full tang knife (the Shallot Knife in this case) to a stick tang configuration.

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