Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Something Different....The NYC Harpoons for the New York Custom Knife Show

I have been thinking of trying out some new ideas. I did these as an exclusive design for Duane at EDC knives. These will be available at the NY Custom Knife Show.

I was not sure what to call them for a long time, but I now like "The NYC-Harpoon"..since I made them for the New York Show

Forged to shape out of 1065 carbon tool steel and featuring African Blackwood handles with Maple Inlay and epoxy-impregnated woven cotton cord all concealing three blind pins that have been peened.

OAL is like 10" with a 5.5" blade. The one with no skull-piercer is about 9.5"OAL.


OK so here we go.
From concept drawing & preform layout to completion.
 First two preforms cut....then Duane wanted one with out the spike, so I took it off & then made a third as I really wanted to do two
similar knives.
 Second one forged. This is it right off the anvil with no clean-up to the profile as of yet.

 Descaling with a hand stone and H2O
 Comparison of the first two...

 3-rd one forged & normalized
                                                              I just liked this shot.

 Dialing-in the Clip.

 All three heat treated.
 Handles after creating the inlay recess.
Creating the registered -space for the woven cotton line.
 Next step....Pins then Peening, then wrapping.....
 but not before making a little channel for the cord to sink into 
so it does not have a bump when finally wrapped
 First two wrapped.
 And Finally the finished knives: "The NYC Harpoon"

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