Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"The Special Ladies" ~ French Knives

 I forged and Heat Treated these blades about 18-months ago & they have been waiting to be finished all that time! I stared out to make two sets of three knives, a paring, this medium size French/Utility Knife and a full-size Chef knife.........well as I was making the others they just kept getting bought out of the studio before I could ever finalize a whole set...but these two blades remained.

So here they are & I am glad I waited as I adapted a different style handle to these borrowed from the Shallot Knife design. I created two beautiful slicing knives recently with a similar style handle & these were the follow up to those two knives. I think they came out really nice.

These Special Lady French knives are 11" OAL with 6.25" blades of 1095 with beautifully polished blades revealing Gunome Hamon.

Both are desert ironwood with ironwood inlay and detail carving.

I hope you enjoy the images.


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