Monday, April 21, 2014

Finally Back at the Forge part-2

Well instead of adding on to the first post about the Gyuto Blades I started, I figured I would give them their own post:)

I am very pleased with how these came out! Some new processes have been finding their way into my work-flow and the results are very positive.
These results include:
*Heat treating these thin chef knife blades in a slightly thicker state than I used to in the past. Now doing a bit of post heat treatment stock reduction.

*Thus leaving me more room to create an exacting geometry, resulting in a fine edge that is even keener than I was establishing in the past!...keeping in mind that we are talking about percentages of Millimeters of changes as my blades come down from the spine to the final cutting edge.

*Plus I believe that my overall fit and finish is getting better too!...practice,practice, practice:)

AND...I'm sure there is more, but these are the main high-points.

Two are in African Blackwood that has been sculpted for an amazing feel in the hand, and detail carved & with a nice pin layout.
Then I did one with a clay heat treatment and resulting Hamon; and placed some nice Golden Desert Ironwod Handles with Ebony inlay that hides a Blind-Pin that is peened. This handle was also sculpted and detail carved for enhanced grip and beauty.

These are all forged-to-shape out of 1084 Carbon Tool Steel with etched surfaces to reveal the quench lines (hard & soft portions of the blades). I did a deeper quench on the two in Blackwood than I have done in the past on this model. Since these are thin and quick blades I wanted them to be also tough and resilient, and the deeper quench really makes them so.
* this group has blade that range from 9.25" to 9.5" in length, 14.5"-15"OAL, and....
.... are amazingly quick, stable, and comfortable in the hand.

 OK, Enough Gab, on to the images.
I hope you enjoy seeing these three fine Gyuto Chef Knives:)

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