Friday, April 25, 2014

A Beautiful Engraved Utility Knife

This is something very different for me.
First-off...I bought this little wood turning lathe about 2-years ago and finally got around to using it.
I had fun making some smaller paring knife handles with it & figured why not make a larger utility knife with this style of handle-build.

The idea of a turned handle is that a piece of metal can be mounted as a ferrule, with the wood running through it to strengthen the knife where the tang is inserted into the handle. On this particular knife I also recessed a piece of translucent G-10 (a very tough man made material) in the front of the copper ferrule to both add to the looks, but also to seal out any moisture and at the same time strengthening the whole construction even more-so. Finally I contrasted that with an inlay of the same material in the end of the handle as well.

BUT Wait....there is more! :)
That copper ferrule was just screaming-out to be engraved!
So I had Bill Rice of Morro Bay do some fine hand engraving on it. I had some ideas of my own, but decided to just let Bill do what he felt like doing, and the results are really amazing!
 I took some fairly quick shots of this knife, and will have to re-shoot it to get better images, but for now I'll post these.

This is a great utility knife, but not a small knife either. With a Blade that has a 5.25" cutting-edge ((5&5/8" to the ferrule) and an Overall Length of 11.25", this is a great knife that is very strong and very light and nimble despite what it looks like. The Handle is Rosewood and the blade is fully hardened 1095.

I Hope you enjoy seeing these first images I took of it. I will try to get better ones posted soon.

Enjoy! :)

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