Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tribal Utility Pair with Tribal Wrap details

This is a beautiful pair of knives I recently finished. 
I love this model and will be making more of these for sure.

These two have very nice hamon activity and wonderful African Blackwood Handles with Mesquite Inlay. Each features a 1mm woven cotton line that has been registered into the handle, meaning that, the 1mm line is actually counter-sunk into the wooden handle, which also conceals a pin that sets the tang of the blade into the handle. The blades are stock-removal out of 1095. I am doing a few stock removal blades these days to see how I like it. So far, the results have been excellent and the feedback is also very positive.....

And, speaking of feedback:

This Tribal Wrap is something I was trying out last year. I liked the idea of having the extra grip right where you would like it on a kitchen knife. This is a process that takes WAY more time than even I initially anticipated to do, but there has been so much excellent feedback from those who have knives with this seemingly simple detail. People like Artist & Blademith David Broadwell (who makes some excellent culinary knives himself among other amazing creations) that has one of my fine Veggie Cleavers with a similar handle design and remarked that it was a joy in the kitchen and that he likes it very much and encouraged me to continue doing this one some of my knives. I considered not continuing to do it because of the perception that water or food would get into the wrapping>>>BUT, I do seal the entire area with epoxy, so actually mo water or food would be stick in this wrapping.

These knives are small-ish, but not tiny at 11.5" OAL (overall length) and with 5.25" long blades that are 1.5"-wide at the heel; They are Very comfortable, very useful for making daily meals and detail-work as well:)

There is a quick shot at the bottom of what the recess looks like for the Tribal Wrap. This is a shot of the handle from the first pair fo these I made last year. The recess is created all by hand with fine Italian Riffler-files. Removing .5mm of material all by hand with my eyes to see is fun, but exacting work!

 I hope you enjoy the images.



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