Thursday, June 12, 2014

Forged Four Frenchies in Fiftytwo-Onehundred on a Full Moon :)

....just trying saying that five-times fast after eating a packet of saltine-crackers!

Well I always love to forge blades on a Full Moon. As Brian Fellhoelter says...I'm "everybody's favorite hippie":)....not entirely sure if that fit's me, but I do like to keep certain rituals alive and well in my bladesmithing practice.

These littel French Knives are modeled on a Japanese Paradigm in terms of the handle construction-style, being stick-tang kichen knives.  A wonderful size for every day use for quick meal preparation, or for those who just do not like large knives. The blades on all four of these is just a hair over 5.5".

52100 is a high carbon tool steel that has tremendous cutting potential when forged and heat treted properly. Though these littel blades look simple, they took time to forge as I used a technique of forging at lower temps..... which is more work, but sets the steel up for a higher possibility of an amazing heat treatment. As they sit in their forged-state with the profiles cleaned up, they are now ready to be descaled and stress-relieved; and then some pre-heat-treatment stock-reduction.

Stay tuned and please do take a look at the two knives I recently finished at the bottom of the post that are similar to what these four will be like. I am not sue about the handle materials I will choose yet, but two might be in the Mesquite similar to the ones at the bottom, and two in African Blackwood......
.......but let me not get ahead of myself.
Still lots of work to be done on these before it's time for handles:)

I hope you enjoy the images & Stay tuned to see more on how these go!


I'm not sure if I'm getting better at this whole forging practice or if I'm just impatient....but today I had as many as to speak....
This could only be sustained while I forged in the distal taper though....then it was just one at a time:)

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