Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Tribal Frenchies in 52100 and Green Maple

These two came out really sweet!

I was excited about getting some of the Maple I have had for a long time dyed and stabilized.
...Did I mention that>>> I LOVE GREEN!

And thought that the "Tribal Wrap" with the Translucent G10 would look pretty darn cool.
The first handle I did out of the green I did not have the heart to cover any of it up as it was stunning...
..but finally I decided to see what this handle color & build with the G10 would be like with the "Tribal Wrap"
...and I think it looks AWESOME!

These are sweet mid-size chef knives with forged-to-shape 52100 carbon tool steel blade with clay differential heat treatment.

OAl is 12 & 1/8" and the blades are 6.5". A great size for daily use.

I hope you enjoy seeing these images.


1 comment:

  1. Looking So Gorgeous!
    I think these are more sharp. Same to my custom buck 110