Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tribal Utility and Paring Set

A Big Thanks to Mike C. for inspiring the creation of my very first "Tribal Paring Knife"!

Mike requested to have one made to match the "Tribal Utility Knife" that I bought, and I think the results are pretty awesome!

So..... This being a first, I had to take a some nice images of the two knives. I may actually make another set similar to these someday soon, but for now, these are it, and they will be heading out tomorrow to their new home.

This paring knife has a very keen geometry and nimble-tip, thin and flexible at the tip for detail cuts of all sorts, on-par with what I believe a traditional paring knife blade should be like. Just see the detail shots of the tip of these two beauties to see what I mean....these two are all business, but dressed for success:)

If you want more details about the sized of the Tribal Utility and to see other models of Utility Knives I have created and can create, just click on the link and read-on:)

These two are created out of 1095 high carbon tool steel and a dressed in African Blackwood with Mesquite Inlay and rosin-impregnated 1mm woven cotton line. Each has a fine differential heat treatment and resulting Hamon.

I hope you enjoy seeing these images!


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