Monday, September 29, 2014

Two of the Most Blue-tiful-Ones Made to date!

OK a silly play on words.....
.....But these two knives are All-business!
..........And are two of the Most Beautiful Knives I have made this year.

 It all started with the thought of Blue.....
This after seeing some very rare Blue Ivorite Paper Micarta that I felt was just one of the most stunning blues I had seen anywhere, ever.
...I mean there is blue,....and then there is BLUE! This is that depth and quality and texture of blue.

AND...I got to thinking that, I did not recall seeing many blue-handled chef knives out there in the world today.

My idea was to laminate this to some translucent G-10 and include a round inlay of the same G-10 and add some detail carving as I do on many of my knives.

Two very sweet blades forged-to-shape out of 1095LM, and applying clay to get a Nice Differential Heat treatment and Hamon. I felt that they came out really nice!

I began the long process of creating the handles.

It all seems so simple, and for some it may be, but for me it took time and attention to get the results I was after............And I think I got them!

I hope you enjoy the images of these two Blue Beauties!

I will have these on my table at the California Custom Knife Show in two weeks!

And I invite you to come by and take a look at them!


P.S. I posted some process images of the making of these knives at the bottom for you to enjoy:)

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