Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Beauties Fresh Out of the Studio: Personal Chef Model and New Paring/Utility

I have truly been enjoying this amazing Handle Material Combination.
...So much-so that I would love to place it on every knife I make !!.....but then it would not be that special anymore, PLUS, this Old Westinghouse Blue Ivorite Paper Micarta is VERY VERY Rare!

Matched with some nice Antique Ivory Norplex Paper Micarta, It's PURE-CLASS !!!


Instead of using the Blue as full handle material, I am opting to use it for inlay and for full handles only on certain knives. It is a limited material and none will ever be made again! It has the quality and color saturation of fine old lapis lazuli, and I love the materials for it's beauty and toughness.

Here are some of my latest knives featuring these materials on the handle.
A Beautiful Full-Size Chef Knife, a Model I call the "Personal Chef" It was patterened after a knfie I made myself some years ago, and it is a great performer. Here, created out of 13c26 stainless steel with a RC-value of 60-61, it features an 8" blade and is ready for work!
This knife will soon be available at EatingTools.Com
Along with two of the New Utility/Paring Model I have been creating.
These little beauties are out of 1095 carbon steel with fine gunome hamon on them.

I hope you enjoy seeing the images of these knives.


Next are these really wonderful New Utility/Paring Model Creations in the same handle materials.

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