Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introducing > The Bug-Out Camp Knife

I have been thinking of some ideas for hybrid camp-chef knives lately.

Since I have been playing with some Micarta as of late, I thought I would re-tool this stick tang camper that I made originally about 2-years ago.
I re-worked the blade-style a bit and am happy with the results.

These knives have a camp-knife geometry, convex and yet quite fine at the edge, perfect for splitting wood for kindling with aid of a baton on the spine, and also weighty enough to do some chopping.
Sharp as a razor and totally capable to prep foods with no problem. Basically looking very much like a chef knife, but with a bit more handle drop, and yet,
still quite capable as that knife that you would want along if you were heading out & needing to have one knife that would take care of business.

These are forged out of 1095, featuring a mild distal taper,
hammer-textured surfaces high on the bevels, and a nice swedge to the tip.
These will all have Micarta Handles on them.

The top knife is more indicative of the size I will be producing these in as time goes on.
With a 6.50" blade that is about 2" wide it's a nice compact camp knife.
....Being a special order,
the request was for African Blackwood and Antique Micarta Inlay and mosaic pin.
THIS ONE > heat treated out with an amazingly sweet clay-less Hamon! Truly beautiful!
I wish I could make that happen more than once in a blue-moon!

The bottom one is sort of an XL-version, one-of-a-kind, that I do not plan on producing more of unless requested.
This one is about 7.50"
and is featuring what will be the norm on these,
straight quench, some nice Canvass Micarta, with a single mosaic pin.

Keep en eye out as I will be spinning a few of these out throughout 2015.
Feel free to Email me is you want more information.

I hope you enjoy seeing these that have been created so far.


 A Fancy Bug-Out Camp For Tim !
One of his images of the knife too:)

 And One below with a Polished Blade...I like how this looks!

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