Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Five For February!

OK...So This post is coming in a little late, but due to the wonderful world of computers I can time-stamp it in last months cue as I type today on March 4th;)

OK I just wanted to share some shots of recent work finished.

Currently Available From California Custom Knives are the bottom two knives and the Middle bug-Put Camp Knife, the top two Small French Knives are headed to Brooklyn's EatingTools.Com

I hope you enjoy seeing some of these images!

Top of the first Image are two sweet Small French Knives. There will be many more of these coming out of the CCK Studio throughout 2015. Simply, a wonderful size knife for every day meal prep, and perfect for those who shy-away from larger chef knives, prefer smaller knives, or have smaller hands...though they fit my hand very well with plenty of knuckle-clearance over the cutting board and I am 6'6"-Tall:)

In the middle is the Bug-Out Camp Knife. Please visit THIS POST to read more about it.

And finally are these two sweet Classic French Utility Models in two amazing handle materials for your consideration. Both are available right now on California Custom Knives. Each are amazingly sweet, light and strong. Perfect for daily meal prep and detail cutting tasks or picnic-outings!

I hope you enjoy the images!


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