Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Fancy Shallot Knife !!!

Certain knives just take a really long time to finish....this was one of those knives.

Why do some knives take long than others?
...I am not totally sure;
>>>but the ones that do often turn out amazing.

And....while this may not be the finest knife I have ever made, it's right there at the top,
and, it is certainly the Sweetest Shallot Knife I have made to date.

This one being a "Jumbo Shallot" since it was forged out of 3/16" thick 1095lm,
the regular shallot is forged out of 1/8"-thick material.

Plenty of "Firsts" on this on too:

First Shallot with a Hamon
First Shallot with Round Inlay & blind-pin
First Shallot with Mosiac pin
First time Laminating Ironwood to Micarta.

OAL is 10.75"
Cutting edge is 6"
Handle is laminated Antique Micarta & Desert Ironwood w/ matching inlay & detail carving.
Nice Hamon on this Low Manganese 1095

I hope you enjoy the images of this beauty.


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