Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's been Happening Since G5 ?

...Well I have been getting caught up on some orders, and making some more of the Tribal-Wrapped Chef Knives.

Lately I have been feeling like a vacation would be a fun thing....but only in my mind at this time I guess...

So First off I have two paring knives. one being my very first in Stainless Steel (AEBL aka > 13C26) and one in 1095.
Both of these were for customers, the one in AEBL with the desert Ironwood is going to a couple for their wedding present gifted by friends.
The One in African Blackwood is going to a local customer.

Next I have a variety of chef knives. All with etched surfaces, two with some interesting Hamon lines from clay heat treatments.
The top knives are in 52100, one with a mortised-construction composite handle of desert ironwood with matching inlay and super-kiln-baked maple burl.
Then one with African Blackwood with Honeydew G-10 inlay & rosin-impregnated tribal wrap.
....don't ask me about the "tribal" just sounds good and is sort of non-traditional for chef knives & I have been liking the look lately.

The two larger knives are both in desert ironwood with ebony inlay and rosin impregnated wrapping.
Each of these knives exhibit some interesting hamon lines.
I included a close-up of them for you to see.
Lots of alloy-banding as Tai calls it in the transition-zones.
To me it appears to, through the forging process and many many thermal cycles, to have developed a bit of a wootz-like patterning.

OK Enough Gab. Enjoy the images.

"knives take time to make">Period.

It was awesome to see who I did at The Gathering! I missed seeing lots of you because I was there solo.

>>>Note to self, do not do shows and sit your table SOLO.

Blessings of Goodness and Health to You All this Holiday Season


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